Bradley Clark Band is Building a Difference…with Building a Difference!

Posted on 11/20/2013 4:53 pm


Bradley Clark Band also known as ‘BCB’, is the newest addition to Building a Difference with their broadcast debut of their new album “Hold On”. Their music will be featured in the upcoming Volume 3: The Story of New Life premiering in Spring 2014.

“Just like what we’re doing with the New Life documentary, BCB is a group that  tells the story of redemption that’s unabashed,” said Mick Richards, Executive Producer/Director of Building a Difference.  ”Their music is real…it’s from the heart…and it’s exactly in line with the bigger picture of what we want our audience to see in this 13-part series. We’re privileged to help promote BCB’s ministry to a worldwide audience along side the ministry of New Life, because both are in it to inspire deep rooted change the leads to freedom.”

“BCB and I are so excited and honored to contribute our music to the soundtrack of Building a Difference,” said Bradley Clark, BCB band leader and Bayside Lincoln Worship Arts Director. “I used to watch Building a Difference in the morning before class at college, and I’m amazed that God would take this ragtag band of misfits to help tell stories that will help change lives. And if  bringing powerful stories of change to help those trapped in brokenness is what this series is all about, they have our full support.”

Clark’s mission is simple and clear: through Christ your tomorrow is amazing…get started on that tomorrow today! Bradley Clark Band exists to proclaim the miraculous work Christ has done in their lives through music and testimony. Bradley’s road has not been an easy one and the footprints are easy to feel in his music. Bradley Clark, this “son-of-a-preacherman”, was born into the ministry. Many of his family members are active as well. This was something that he wanted no part of. After years of success and failure, triumph and sadness, Brad’s life gave way to the effects of poor choices and desperation that comes with drug addiction. By God’s amazing grace, a lot of hard work, commitment, and determination he has been delivered and set free! His music shares the message that with God all things are possible; that your history is just another example of His story.

“This is a fantastic opportunity God has placed before us,” explained BCB bassist Maury Rosas, “not only for BCB but for the audience Building a Difference as well. It’s a chance to take His work through our music and and encourage the viewers when they might be privately hurting and at their lowest. Bradley and I, and the rest of the band, are ecstatic to broaden BCB’s music ministry to a worldwide audience through this amazing TV series.”

Bradley Clark Band is made up of great artists such as Val Topalu on Guitar, Rickey Sanchez on Percussion/Drums, Serge Tsvor on Bass, Alex Anisov on Percussion, Erika Hibbard and Dewayne Cudney on background vocals. Guests on Bradley’s latest album include Roman Vysochin on Piano, Keys and Organ, Stefon Dubose on Drums, and adding his voice to the title track of BCB’s album ‘Hold On’, Jeremy Winans.

Radio Releases

Posted on 05/06/2013 10:57 pm

Bradley Clark Band is currently working with Christian Radio Weekly!  We are so blessed an honored to be with CRW!  We will be one of their featured artists and look for a feature spot in IndieAmped on-line magazine!  If you are a radio station wishing to add us to your roster, please click the link below.

Radio Releases

BCB upcoming concert

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Bradley Clark Band upcoming concert

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Interview with Russian Time

Posted on 04/23/2013 11:17 pm

Bradley does an interview with Russian Time. Brad was delighted to be interviewed by talented journalist Natalia Vizitiu. Hoping his testimony will encourage many, Bradley is real and unfiltered.

TMA Signs Bradley Clark Band To Management Deal

Posted on 02/28/2013 6:46 am

New York, NY (Top40 Charts/ Management Agency)  

Bradley, members of BCB, and guests who have performed on this latest album have worked with Jonno, Grammy Award Winner Daniel Winans, Darnisha Taylor, and Lincoln Brewster. BCB has performed nationally in churches, numerous outreach and special events and their music is being heard throughout the world.



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